Accceptance of Projects
Content of applications:
  1. 1. Details of the entity (name, address, age, telephone, e-mail, website, name of representative). If the project is undertaken by a different entity (counterpart), the same details as above should be included along with a summary of the relationship between the two entities and the projects which have been carried out jointly.
  2. 2. Origin and objectives of the applicant entity.
  3. 3. Description of the project for which financing is requested, location, objectives, start and termination dates.
  4. 4. Cost of the project, including budgets and detailing the amount requested from la Fundación Creatia and the contributions of other co-financers.
  1. 5. Beneficiaries. Number of direct beneficiaries, impact of the action, and the contribution (financial, material, services, etc) from the beneficiaries of the project.
  2. 6. Volunteers. Describe the participation of volunteers in the management of the entity and the project.
  3. 7. Viability and sustainability in the future.
The fundamental principle of the Fundación Creatia, in compliance with all of its foundational objectives, is strict compliance with current legislation. In this regard, the Fundación Creatia takes special care when selecting the projects in which it participates in order to avoid any type of collaboration with illicit activities, and especially the direct or indirect finance of criminal organisations.
The members of the Fundación Creatia are subject to a Code of Conduct that contains regulations and ethical standards that are imperative for the same. Any entity that requests the collaboration of the Fundación Creatia with any charity project should agree to observe, as a minimum, the rules of behaviour and ethical standards contained in the Code of Conduct. The committing of any illicit or immoral activity during the development of any project involving the collaboration of the Fundación Creatia shall lead to the termination of Fundación Creatia’s collaboration with said project.
Additional documentation required:
Photocopy of the company Tax Identification Number (CIF)
Photocopy of the applicant’s Tax Identification Number (NIF)
Bylaws of the company presenting the project
Prior Year Balance Sheet and Income Statement and annual budget
Prior Year Report on Activities
The abovementioned information should be sent to:
Fundació Privada Creatia
Av. Diagonal, 640 3r. F
08017 Barcelona
Decision on applications:
Applicant Entities will be informed, in writing, of the decision on the application, both in the case of acceptance as in refusal.